The world's safest heat

Magmas, Vulcanos, Lavas, Eruptiona or Geysira

These are terms that are inevitably associated with the forces of nature. Properties such as robustness, strength and immortality are associated with them, as is the incredible beauty of natural spectacles.

That is why we have given our Maybaum products these very names. High quality through solid manufacturing and state-of-the-art technology guarantee reliability, durability and ease of use. The design is elegant and classic, but also modern. It underlines the high demands of its user. While the Magmas (coffee maker), Geysira (kettle), Vulcanos (toaster) and Eruptiona (breakfast) products have matt black surfaces that contrast and harmonise with the brushed stainless steel, the Lavas raclette has a unique and successful combination of precious wood and glass.

Cosy blankets and heated cushions

Practical and energy efficient, our thermal blankets are better for the environment and your wallet. With Maybaum's products, we offer you the perfect companion at home, in the office or on the sofa.

Our indoor collection includes many cosy and warm blankets and pillows that turn your home into an oasis of warmth and comfort. They also have a pain-relieving effect and are equipped with extra-safe heating technology, so there is no risk of overheating and you can simply relax.

For adventurers and nature lovers

Our new outdoor collection with all the practical and cosy utensils and accessories you need for a hike or a trip to the countryside.

Maybaum's outdoor collection is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to give up the beauty of nature even during the coldest months of the year.